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ACRA-CUT, located in Acton, Massachusetts, has been in the cranial perforator business since 1981 and is recognized as the leader in the research, development and manufacture of cranial perforators.

ACRA-CUT has been defining excellence in Neurosurgery for the past two decades and is now poised to offer new and exciting ideas and products to improve the treatment for the neurosurgical patient.

Innovations include numerous models and sizes of cranial perforators to address the different bone variations for adult and pediatric procedures as well as our spiral cranioblade for low speed applications. The ACRA-CUT Scalp Clip System a reusable scalp clip gun featuring disposable clips cartridges with various clamping forces for both adult and pediatric homeostasis.

Over the years, our mission has remained clear, to manufacture the safest and best designed products possible for you and your patients.

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