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Disposable Distraction Screws

ACRA-CUT manufactures disposable distraction screws with the same precision and exacting tolerances as its cranial perforators. This means that the surgeon can have complete confidence in their quality, safety and performance when using them with any vertebral body distractor for anterior cervical fusion.

The unique benefits of these distraction screws are:

  • Compatible with all ACF systems.

  • Each distraction screw is prepackaged, sterile, ready-to-use and in its own blister-pack.

  • 100% stronger than other distraction screws.

  • Unique sharp, self-tapping tip design for easier insertion.

  • Sold individually or in a convenient 10-pack.

  • Manufactured by ACRA-CUT, Inc.

  • Always in stock, never on back order.

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